a ma petite chérie

do you know what i love the most about you?

it’s the fact that you very well know i will be your last girl friend, and you do not do anything about it. you are just as scared-shit as i am and i’m loving it.

it feels delicious.

it’s like saving your favorite dessert to the end of the meal and then hesitating to touch it. you want to eat it so bad, and given the chances you would finish it up so fast, but you just sit there with your spoon in one hand and stare at it like a kid. you do not want to touch it. because you very well know that the spell would be broken once you have touched it. one little scoop and da-boom. it could be over. and forever.

and so you sit there and tell me we could be together. some day. one day. in the future. maybe.

ma chérie, you forget one thing.

we have always been together.

now leave that spoon aside. take a deep breath and look at me. i’m not the last woman on the planet. i’m not the best woman on the planet. but i am the woman who has watched over you, ever since she has laid eyes on you. i’m the woman that was there whenever you called her. i’m the woman that you didn’t think about everyday, but realised you missed a lot when you though about. i’m the woman that encouraged you to follow your dreams, fall in love with girls, travel through oceans even if that had the very possibility to never see you. i’m the woman you want to get drunk with and tell about your broken heart and cry to. make no mistake, girl. i am not just a woman, i am the woman of your life. and yes, we will be together, some day, one day for a long long time.

now don’t touch that spoon for christ’s sake!

use your fingers.





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