profile 1

Profession —  (i’m making peanuts, that’s why i’m ashamed to type it here)
Height 165 cm (i’m 160 and faking it)
Body Type Defined (yes, i am fat and i like to make it sound mysterious)
Ethnic Origins Rather not say (where is the turkey button???)
Hair Black (it’s not officially white when it’s not all white)
Eyes Blue (i wear contact lenses that make my eyes look like crocodile eyes)
General Attire Sports Kit (i’m butch. i just can’t admit it.)
Out Rather not say (i’m actually not out. it’s just the whole town thinks i’m a man)
Bust Size Rather not say (how big is big exactly?)
Body Hair Rather not say (you already call me a teddy bear, i don’t know what your problem is!)
Orientation Gay
Role Active (baby i will keep you up all night-i toss to each side till the morning)
Safer Sex Rather not say (that one time with the cucumber…it won’t happen again though)
Smoke Yes (and i will keep on smoking secretly even if you yell at me more than once)
Drink Rather not say (ok, so i’ve been kicked out of a few bars a few times. so what! 13 times. 13 is a few! yes it issss!)
Drugs Never (this? no, it doesn’t count as a drug. it’s for medical purposes)

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