25 is “the age” that a woman becomes “the woman” that you would consider dating. if all goes well, a woman that turns 25 has enough intellectual capacity to chat with you for hours. she has read most of the classics, already hates remembrance of things passed, knows that marlon brando was a hot guy once, and is at the early stages of reflux. she knows it is related to her coffee consumption, but then again she loves to drink coffee while reading and she constantly asks your opinion on the issue. the truth of the fact is, she does not want to promote to early-ulser like you did. she wants you to tell her to stop. she likes you even more when you don’t tell her to stop.

the poor girl has already developed the bitter memories about foucault (a necessity of coming of age) and knows by heart that the rule to look like a true intellectual is not about the bere and the scarf, it is all about memorizing 3 foucault lines and clashing them.  she hates huntington. she doesn’t even know why. her inner voice must be an angelic one.

a 25 has already learned how to choose the right bra and has the facilities to fill that bra. she makes enough money to support herself. she even has a flat of her own. she no longer has album covers up. she has promoted to gustav klimt and is not crazy about candles, yet. she drinks less wine than a, say 37 year old and more beer than a 31. therefore, she always has 3 bottles of beer in the fridge. not 4, not 1 but 3. and that bottle of red wine standing  upright on her kitchen counter (carefully placed there so that you’d see it and be impressed) is a merlot, because our girl has neither read that chapter about cabernet sauvignon nor the one about how to preserve wine  in that “wine for beginners” book, yet.

a 25 has discovered the 70s, 60s even 50s music. she is interested in jazz and the classical, but she is not quite there yet. very curious about the european cinema and thank god hasn’t fallen in love with the french films. is passed the flowery scents and stepped into the spicy era. but she is not dying for you to get her a no.5, for no.5 is  just a sexy commercial that she shares with her friends on facebook-not a life style, yet.

she does consider having kids but doesn’t force you to have them this month. she is passed that age about  getting oh so shy to kiss you on the first date. she is into oral sex these days. very committed to be perfect.

i love 25, because the 25 loves to travel. she doesnt give a shit about the bills and bank loans. at the same time, she doesn’t stare at st. peters dome and goes “whooooaaaaa”.

its fun to kiss a 25 in a club, because she doesn’t try to drive you crazy by kissing a 20 year old. at the same time, she doesn’t wanna chat with you like a 45. you dont “take long walks by the beach” with a 25. you sit there and watch the waves and kiss under the moonlight.

this is why i have a 25 year old rule, you see? i never ever date a girl under the age of 25.


baby, i won’t date you until i’m 42.

but that’s the topic of another post: 24/42.


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