chapter 3: what is your name?

this did happen to me actually:



-how are you?

-i’m fine. how are you?

-fine. well, not so fine actually.

-why what’s up?

-i have my period.

-ufff. that sucks.


-do you have any pain?

-a little.

-did you take any pills?

-no, not yet. i don’t like taking pills.

-me neither. so what do you do aside from reading and listening to feist?

-lots of  things actually. listen, i’d really like to stay and chat longer, but i think i’m gonna go lie down a little.

-oh, sure.

-but i will be around later.

-ok. may i add you?

-yeah, please. i liked your profile.


-what’s your name?

-burcu. what’s yours?


-nice to meet you.

-me, too.

-ok then, catch you soon.

-wait, before you go. is  that your real name?

-no. is alicia your real name?


-ok then. see you soon.

-byee. catch you later.


and she did catch me later!



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