what am i to do with you?

as you reach down to the newspaper lying beside your boots, you notice a gray kitten among the bushes. you have no intentions whatsoever to own a cat, yet it’s shivering cold outside. so you take the kitten in and feed it. you call your friends who might be interested. you take photos of the kitten and post them on the internet. you search the forums, but no. nobody wants the damn kitten.

meanwhile, the kitten makes herself comfortable in your bed. everytime you throw her out of the bedroom she finds a way in, and you end up waking up with a gray ball of fur purring on your chest every morning. until one day you give up

and ask the kitten: “what am i to do with you?”

or an ugly, stupid dog starts following you some day. he wags his tail like crazy and pulls all the tricks he knows for you to take him home. you don’t even want to touch the dog, because he is so dirty. you wonder if he can even see you with all that hair above his nose. silly dog, he doesn’t understand “stop. now go that way. i’m not your owner.”

the poor dog wants you to be his owner. that’s when you say: “what am i to do with you puppy? i don’t even have a garden. go now. good boy”.

you ask “what am i to do with you?” to an astray animal, when you actually don’t know what to do with that animal.

in a downtown boutique hotel that you paid the double bed for, after having spend the whole night making love to a woman 10 years younger than you, you don’t order breakfast, take a sip from your orange juice and put on your bra as you say “what am i to do with you now?”



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