how to promote a turkish lesbian blog

this is how my manager thinks this blog should be promoted: calling it “a turkish lesbian blog”.

a lesbian would be erotic, he said. he could get a few thousand clicks (of horny men from around the world) with that one, but no, that was not the group of readers i was after since i would refuse to post any semi-nude photos on twitter (stupid me. life could be much simpler huh)

a turkish woman would be bland. unless you are starting some kind of middle-eastern revolution these days through your blog, what would be the point, right?

so, he said: “make it a turkish lesbian blog. have people wonder about your dark hair and eyes. write about your foreign girlfriends. how you had to break up because of the distance. make it sad. have them worry about the injustices you are facing here. make it funny. people love to read fun stuff. just be you. do not lie about your personality. you are already interesting.”

thank you.

but what you don’t know is i hate tags.

all my life i ran away from tags and now suddenly (and completely out of nowhere) i am THE TAG.

i’m a turkish lesbian with dark hair and eyes. highly mysterious! nobody knows my name or what i do. kinda like a super hero, only i’m not super. and i’m too far from being your heroine. i’m not even out!

but i am here, writing every night. this is my story. this is how it feels to be turkish and to love turkey and to hate prejudice and to wish one had the power to overcome it all. perhaps this is my way to overcome it. this is the way i come out without having to come out.


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