chapter 2: where are you from?

-so, where are you from?

-i will let you guess that one ;)

-fair enough…ummm…you mentioned earlier that it’s only 7 there….so that makes like 1 hour difference between us…hmmm…somewhere between england and where i live.

-nice strategy!! :)

-thanks ;) italy? (l’amante, bacio,begli occhi, sempliciotti, sì, lasciamo il ballo, andiamo, buon giorno, arrivederci)

-nope. i like pasta, but no.

-spain? (chicitita, cochita, un beso, mi nina, bastante ojos, tetas, sí)

-you really wish i were a latina don’t you :)

-well…you know…they are cool…but it would really not matter. ok i will try east a little bit. greece? (αρέσουν ιδιαίτερα, φιλί, αρκετά μάτια, boobs, ναι, ας τα χορός, ας προχωρήσουμε, Καλημέρα, καλή de)

nope. but i love santorini.

-me, too! was that too east?

-hey, i can’t give you any hints!

-ah come oooon…sweden? (älskare, kyss, tuttar, ja, låt oss dansa, låt oss gå, god morgon, adjö)  you sounded swedish the other day.

-i did? :) what makes you say that?

-you had meatballs and brocoli for dinner. that’s IKEA food!

-hahahah…good guess but nope, i’m not from sweden. i actually was in IKEA though :)

-could you at least tell me whether you are scandinavian?

-well, ok. i am from a cold country but not scandinavia.

-russia! (я люблю Вас, приедьте сюда)

– :) no.

– germany? (Netter Kartoffeln die ich mag Sie. gutes Bier)

– nope.

-ah come onnn, are you really gonna make me count them all?

– :) maybe. it’s kinda fun to see you suffer. hahah

-ok. i give up. i’m not curious anymore! :P

– :)) where are you from?


-from the…we..s..t…are you there? oh i think your internet crushed…

-ok i will wait some more…

-it’s been like 10 minutes i’m guessing you are gone?




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