size does matter

whoever said “size does not matter” had the wrong size and we all know it! so, let’s not fool ourselves.

cut to the chase:

cup size AA: ok, in summer time, i am a bit  jealous of you. i hate the fact that your flat chest requires no bra and you can roam around with a simple t-shirt on. easy to chase a bus, easy to button a tight shirt but let’s admit, we are not at university anymore and an AA is not a high exam score.


cup size A: alllmost there…allllmost there baby. but nottt quite there, im sorry. i know you are not a man. deep down i feel it. i feel for you, but oh i just can’t feel them, that’s the issue!


cup size B: little cupcakes. i like them. i like how they feel in my palms. they don’t fit my palms, but it’s ok. yes i would pay for your operation if i had the money. not for a DD but could spare some for a C+. really. i knowww…i know i’m so nice. no worries baby. it could have been me.


cup size C: a C is more than a letter. it’s a statement! a C tells me “hey there, i am not so skinny, but neither am i large yet.” a C shares her dessert with me because she is afraid to be a D. a C is the type that has a year-long gym membership and she actually commits to it! i could lose my job for a C. i could literally stay in bed and lose my job for you. i love you C. i will be there for you in good times and bad times. i promise!


cup size D: i had no idea about how cool a D could be until i became one. ok, they are not comfortable, i admit it. but then again, they are cool! even if they give me a hard time sometimes, i like that look women have when they stare at them. thank you god. thank you doritos.


cup size DD (E):  errrr…. i don’t know… i could never understand men about DD. actually i do. it’s all that porn junk in their heads. that’s why they flip out when they see a DD. but…all that action…all that madness during sex…hmmm…i mean really??


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