chapter 1: greeting people (jazz and literacy)



-how are you?

-fine, thank you. how are you?

-i’m fine. thanks for adding me here. i just typed the last free message to you. you know how they have  that 10 message thingy (i’m cheap. i have been on that website for more than 3 years now and i still haven’t upgraded to membership)

-oh, it’s ok. (is she cheap? why doesn’t she upgrade?) so, how’s life? (if you have one that is)

-great. was just taking a break and thought i should send you a message. i loved reading your profile and was just listening to norah’s latest album actually. (allright signorita, here we go! jazzzzzz) i think you like her, too? (come to mama)

-really?? she has a new one out? (ok maybe you do have a life) i didn’t know that! (so she does like jazz and follows the new albums. not bad not bad)

-yes she does. just bought it the other day. (god i love torrent)

-and how is it? (she bought one! didnt download it for free? hmmmm mm)

-it’s great. (that one song i have…shit what was the name of the song! google google quick) especially the song “turn me on”. i loved that one. (phewww. i love you google)


-yeah it’s classic norah. just like the other albums (i guess. can we move on please? i have only listened to like 4 norah songs in my life. come on baby. ask me something else. come on) i’m sure you would love it since you say you liked her past albums in  your profile. (seee? i was reading your profile. yes i wasssss)

(so you were reading my profile) that’s great. i should check it out. what are you taking a break from? (so let’ssss see what you are about)

-ah..the novel (annnnnnnd touchdowwwwwnnnn)

-the novel? (hello literacy) what are you reading? (please dear god, make it something not-cheesy)

– :) i’m not reading actually. i’m writing one. (and that would be 2 minutes and 13 seconds! dammmn i’m good)

-you are writing a novel? (really??) really?? (hellooo)


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